We are a manufacturer of new generation desalination systems. Save energy by getting fresh water!

Desalinate water minimizing energy consumption! 

We are focused on creating low energy consumption desalination machines

Aqua-Life Partnership is a team of professionals: developers of desalination equipment and suppliers of innovative desalination technologies for facilities with a shortage of freshwater.

Our partners and clients are companies involved in watertreatment, shipbuilders, constructer companies, hotels, agricultural companies, and many others firms and private persons related to this field.

Developing desalination machines, we persuade these main aims:

01  minimization of energy consumption

02 reliability and longevity

03 compactness


On the one hand, we create unique desalination equipment, for example, the APPR pump (high-pressure pump with built-in energy recovery device), which has no analogues in the world, on the other hand, this equipment is universal and can be applied to any desalination plant of appropriate capacity.

Our desalination plants are flexible kits that can be easily adapted to different sizes and it`s lightly to increase their productivity by combining and adding components.